offers an appraisal service. If you are interested in finding the approximate value of your favorite pair of sneakers, our experts are ready to conduct extensive research about your Converse Chuck Taylor shoes.

Converse Chuck Taylor Only
– This is not a service to identify fakes
– Online only
– Please make sure you have high resolution photos

Initial Information
We may ask you questions about how you acquired the sneakers you would like to appraise. Questions such as:
– What type of store did you purchase the shoes at (Converse store, third party store, Converse outlet, online, etc)
– Where are you geographically located
– Please send photos of all tags, shoe tongues, labels, symbols, and sole
– If you have another pair of Chucks, please compare them and note the differences.

Once we have collected the initial information, our team will start researching online and in our database.

How much could my Chuck Taylors be appraised for?
More often than not, your shoes may be only of value to you. Converse and parent brand Nike makes many variations of the Converse Chuck Taylor Shoe and new or used, the value could be anywhere from $0 to $60 or the standard MSRP.

However, there are some models that are highly sought after, either in limited production or unique to the brand. These special editions, limited production, and are shoes may be appraised at over $1,000.00. In some cases, even more.

Appraisals cost $65 USD
Get your Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers appraised. Our team will put together a detailed report on the approximate value of your Chuck Taylors.

Note: Appraisal does not guarantee a confirmed purchase price. In some cases, we may be able to help owners find buyers, but this is not included in the appraisal report.