New Balance Wins Case Against Converse and Chuck Taylor Design

In 2014 Converse filed a Trademark for certain aspects of the Chuck Taylor All Star shoe design. Among other design elements, this included the stripe through the sole and aspects of the rubber toe cap, and toe bumper.

Based on the result of a ruling from 18 July 2016, the lawsuits of over 30 different shoe manufacturers has been dropped as the Trademark infringement cases did not go through.

What does this mean? Converse has less power to fight other brands from creating shoes similar to the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star.

Does this mean that more shoes will come out like the Chuck Taylor All Star? Not likely, the shoe has been replicated in many ways by many different brands. And remember, you can always spot authentic chucks by the “ALL STAR” printed on the heel.


Converse Pride Collection

Converse Shoes

The Converse Pride collection comes to us with vibrant rainbow colors and wild stylistic updates to our favorite Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Shoe. With Pride Parades coming to us throughout the nation, it’s a nice way to show off what we and others stand for – equality for all. San Francisco, being one of the largest pride parades in the nation, will kick off on June 25th so these Chucks come just in time for the festivities.


Converse pride shoes

Not only are these styles fresh and bold, but they are a limited edition series so be sure to grab them while they are still available.

Grab your pair at one of the links below.


Silicon Valley and the Converse Sneaker

The attire of Silicon Valley comes up quite a bit when it comes to matters of professional attire. The “hacker” look which typically consists of a hoodie and jeans is becoming a popular staple in the software development and hi-tech community. As tech focused companies are starting to sprout in different regions of the world, we are seeing that this fashion sense is going along with it.

Part of the attire includes hoodie, jeans, and the oh so common sneaker, often times being a Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker. Underneath the hood however, you’ll see venture capitalists sporting expensive watches and designer jeans despite wearing a hoodie with sneakers – the wealth is still there.

The reason for this lack of typical suite jacket and leather shoes is that the founders and entrepreneurs are said to be so focused on the product that they are creating, that they need to be as comfortable as possible. Moreover, founders like Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page have been known to wear the same exact thing every day because it’s “one less decision to make”.

Perhaps the trend of wearing hoodies and Converse sneakers will spread to other industries, perhaps even Wall Street.

Converse in Retail

We have seen Converse to continue to expand it’s retail footprint over the year. The brand is doing a great job at keeping flagship stores alive and expanding into other branches of retail as well. The flagship stores in areas such as Chicago and San Francisco have gone above and beyond to integrate new technologies and retail practices into their stores. The San Francisco retail store for example, had a custom screen printing shop directly in the store for customers to print on t-shirts or even Chuck Taylors.

The retail presence continue to expand in outlet malls throughout the US and also in the department stores. We look forward to see Converse do new and exciting things in the retail store environment and the brand continues to grow.

Many brands that spread to mass market retail often times face hardships with the brand being tarnished. We see this example in retail brands such as FUBU or Fila, brands that are extremely popular outside the United States but has lost brand value within the US. Converse has maintained a strong brand presence in both the US and global markets as their retail presence continues to grow.

This is what Chuck Taylors are supposed to look like

So we’ve all heard about the “worn” look on any Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker, but how do you get that clean cut look that’s just enough rough and also looks great with your best pair of slacks?

The answer is hand-dying them. That’s what Tenue de Nimes does and you can get your very own pair.

This is by far the best look we’ve seen with the freshness of a new pair of shoes but the worn out look to show that your Chucks have character. The best part about it is that you can rough them up and add your own stories to these pari of beautiful sneaks, and the stylized colorations will remain.

We give these Chucks 10/10 for their beauty, artistic style, and it’s just a damn good story to say that your Chucks were hand dyed. But, with everything great in life, it comes with a hefty price tag.

Learn more at

Converse CMO to head Boston Advertising Agency

The news about the former converse CMO, Geoff Cottrill, moving to advertising agency MullenLowe has surfaced. Contrill will be the President of the MullenLowe Boston branch of the advertising firm where he will continue to focus on brand and business and talent development. The Boston branch of the agency has seen changes in its executive structure.

The move is great for the Boston advertising agency as Converse is one of the most powerful brands in retail and fashion. MullenLowe is known for working with brands such as JetBlue, Acura, National Geographic, just to name a few.

Contrill has worked on the brand and client side in the marketing and advertising industry. He is making a move to the advertising agency side for the first time in his career. This will be an exciting time for the agency.

Best of luck to MullenLowe Boston and Contrill!