Battle Scars

Do you remember getting that first hole in your beloved pair of Chucks? Battle scars I like to call them. My current Chucks (aka my Daily Driver Chucks) got their first tear at an Against Me! concert in Bloomington Illinois. I specifically remembered that night, not only because the pit severely brutalized my Chucks but because my friends and I got into a heated debate with another concert goer whether PF Flyers or Chucks were more original. I think we know how that one turned out.

Since then, my daily drivers have been pretty beat up but they are still holding up strong. I think that I have a unique story for each pair of Chucks that I own, all starting with the first little rip.

Buying Chuck Taylor Shoes on

Ever heard of is a shoe and apparel website that was recently acquired by Amazon. However, their business structure is still operating as a separate entity from Zappos is all about customer service and for each and every pair of shoes they sell online they have a video describing colors, look and feel, and sometimes a bit of culture about the shoe as well.

What’s different about Zappos is that you can order a pair of shoes, try them on, and send them back if you don’t like them – Zappos will cover all shipping costs. It’s a nice touch to the struggles of online shopping – especially for shoes.

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