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“Get Chucked” all over again

Converse John Varvatos All Star Leather Hi Top

Price: $100-$145
Level of comfort: 3/5
Style Friendly: 4/5
Unisex? Yes

John Varvatos released a shoe line in collaboration with Converse and the Chuck Taylor model was redesigned among many other styles. Along with the newly released models, Converse promoted the “Get Chucked” campaign through a series of casual scenes contrasted and tied together with suggestive provocative scenes. is asking Chuck Taylor fans out there to take another look into the “Get Chucked” release for the 2010 Holiday Season.

Chuck Taylor Classics never die.

Converse John Varvatos All Star Leather Hi Top

Chuck Taylor Boots, Say hello to Winter

Converse Chuck Taylor Hi Top Outsiders

Price: $70-$90
Level of comfort: 4/5
Style Friendly: 5/5
Unisex? No. Individual men and women styles.

If you live in an area where it seldom snows you may have never experienced the inconvenience of the wet, snowy, nearly frost bitten feeling you get when wearing your Chuck Taylors in the cold. As you are trailing about through the miniature ice mountains on the sidewalk you may even think that wearing your Chucks in the snow was a bad idea (gasp). Fortunately for us, we can still rock the Chucks while going through the snow with the Outsider models that are available from Converse. Converse Chuck Taylor Outsiders come in a variety of styles and colors so be sure to leave room for a few pairs in your collection.

Converse Chuck Taylor Hi Top Outsiders

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