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Converse Essentials

The Converse Essentials line was announced earlier this year. We caught a glimpse of the shop opening in Berlin, Germany.


The Essentials, a Fall 2016 collection bears some of the classics that have been a staple in Converse and American design/apparel. They claim that the essentials line “becomes even softer with each wear”. The collection, with the FRAGMENT label includes t-shirts, hoodies, and more.



Personally, I am a big fan of the classics and the Essentials line so this is something that I will be splurging on! Looking forward to a warm and cozy holiday season with this new line.

Converse in Retail

We have seen Converse to continue to expand it’s retail footprint over the year. The brand is doing a great job at keeping flagship stores alive and expanding into other branches of retail as well. The flagship stores in areas such as Chicago and San Francisco have gone above and beyond to integrate new technologies and retail practices into their stores. The San Francisco retail store for example, had a custom screen printing shop directly in the store for customers to print on t-shirts or even Chuck Taylors.

The retail presence continue to expand in outlet malls throughout the US and also in the department stores. We look forward to see Converse do new and exciting things in the retail store environment and the brand continues to grow.

Many brands that spread to mass market retail often times face hardships with the brand being tarnished. We see this example in retail brands such as FUBU or Fila, brands that are extremely popular outside the United States but has lost brand value within the US. Converse has maintained a strong brand presence in both the US and global markets as their retail presence continues to grow.