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PF Flukes

Don’t get me wrong, I respect all shoes with decency. But PF Flyers, once a Converse Brand and now a New Balance brand, bother me. I mean, come on, some PF Flyers are complete rip offs of the original Chuck Taylors, yes revisions have been made but the idea exists.

Okay, now that I have got rid of some steam, I will direct you to the PF Flyers Wikipedia page. Interesting history for a shoe that is still in popular culture, and a respectful shoe at that. If there is one thing that bothers me about PF Flyers is the mentality behind the brand, people feel that their PF Flyers are more legit than Chucks, but perhaps I am mistaken.

I did run across a pretty dapper pair of Chucks the other day, check them out:

Basketball Sneaker conquers world

Why the hell is this shoe so popular I keep asking myself? Unending popularity from 1917!!! It was first shoe ever designed specifically for basketball, yet the shoe is renowned for its versatility (in style that is). While Chuck Taylor had electric charisma, and a natural sales ability, to sustain popularity 40 years after his death must attribute to something more than one man. Perhaps the already popularity of basketball in the American culture rubbed off onto youth in its accessibility among everyone. It is interesting to note of Nike’s popularity due to the sport. The top two shoes from one source? Yet it doesn’t settle right, even a sport doesn’t infect culture to its core as much as Converse shoes have. They must’ve hit some other niche of society that brought it to kissing its feet. The glory of the basketball sneaker. Is it the simplicity of design? Custom-ability? Comfort … that’s a joke. While I wear these suckers every mobile moment, I know pretty much every other shoe gives me more support and protection. So it must be visual appeal hmm? Why else do you wear something? Can a fundamental reason of this shoe’s popularity ever be found? Well I’ll die trying at least.

All in the slims

Retro-styled, urban wannabe, and with a lower center of gravity, the Converse Chuck Taylor Slim model is sure to please. Converse’ line of Chuck Taylor slims give the Chuck Taylor shoe a different dimension, more visually appealing, and less rubber to scuff up, the slim model of Chucks are pretty sleek.

Price: $40-$65+, Level of comfort: 3/5, Style Friendly: 5/5

N/O to the wannabe comment, we are all a family of Chuck Taylor fans here.

All Star Films Films

Now here’s a place where they have a whole list of movies featuring our favorite footwear on either the lead or supporting actors. The one to five star rating is replaced with chuck icons, and every movie is rated accordingly. The webmaster sometimes indulges these movies further with a description of the best “Chuck” scenes. Which parts had best visuals of the ergonomical shoe. A must indulgence. You can see Ice cube gleaming his beauts in Anaconda, Jason James Richter soaring in his chucks in Neverending Story III,  and every kid in the Outsiders conduct teenage animosity wearing the ultimate cultural icon. The list is just daunting in its length, which perhaps points us to one of the reasons why converse is entrenched in our society. While media may try to push many a thing we don’t always swallow, the fact is they have a widespread influence. Was it first the media, or were they merely trying to catch the wave of madness already spreading about the standard sneaker. We at Chuckverse keep trying to dig for that fundamental reason of Chuck Taylor’s unabated attraction from all walks of life. The utter magnetism of such a simple idea has captured our curiosity. Until we figure that out enjoy great Agent Cody Banks climb a wall, with the standard wall-climbing footwear.

Everybody Loves Baby Chucks

Have you ever gone through, for example, a grocery store and saw a toddler wearing a pair of baby Chucks? You know what I’m talking about, baby Chucks. They must be the most adorable thing you have ever seen. Tiny versions of your favorite Chuck Taylors in all different colors. Now that’s what I am talking about. Next time you see some baby Chucks, be sure to give props to the ‘rents that have such stylish kids. Spread the love in this Chuckverse. You know what it is.