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Buying Chuck Taylor Shoes on

Ever heard of is a shoe and apparel website that was recently acquired by Amazon. However, their business structure is still operating as a separate entity from Zappos is all about customer service and for each and every pair of shoes they sell online they have a video describing colors, look and feel, and sometimes a bit of culture about the shoe as well.

What’s different about Zappos is that you can order a pair of shoes, try them on, and send them back if you don’t like them – Zappos will cover all shipping costs. It’s a nice touch to the struggles of online shopping – especially for shoes.

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The Early Life

There are many references to the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star shoe being ‘punk’. The term has many definitions but for Theo’s character in The Cosby Show, we can say it is a negative thing. Messy room, poor grades, not having a care in the world- what do the Chuck’s say about Theo’s character? They say that he’s got style.


In the 1995 film “Friday”, Chris Tucker as Smokey portrays a Los Angeles teenager hanging out with his buddy Craig. Smokey is sporting some Chucks throughout this day long adventure and yeah -he wears them clean. If you haven’t seen this film, be sure to check it out as it is one of the classics.

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