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Chucks for Christmas

So every single Christmas I asked for one thing. The one thing you can never have enough of, and I’m not talking about chocolate or the greens. I’m talking about Chucks. Often times confused by parents for “Chuck” as in “Talk to Chuck” or Charles Schwab, but not, I am not looking for an investment portfolio. I am looking for some classic Chuck Taylor sneakers, whether hi top to lo top, they are always on my list. This year I have been looking for some hi top leather slims in black. Please stuff my stockings with the Chucks Mr. Santa!

Did you get cool Chucks for the holidays? Let us know on twitter @chuckverse.


Chuck Walk


These Chucks have been spotted in the streets of San Francisco, bearing the steep streets and sidewalks of the city they have been abandoned. What the story behind these pairs are? We will never find out. However, regardless of the scene their in, they do look good. Do the Chuck Walk.


I have a dilemma.

I have a dilemma.

For the past several days, a small, brown spider has been making random appearances in my bedroom.

It started just a few nights ago – I was sitting up playing some Dragon Age Origins at 3 am, wearing nothing but a pair of jeans and my Chucks (of course), when onto my keyboard crawled this curiously shaped silhouette.  Wondering whether or not I should chalk this one up to my imagination, I flip on my desk light and this little fucker is staring me right in the face with all eight of his devilish eyes.  Now I’m not the most squeamish dude when it comes to insects, but HOLY FUCKING SHIT this spider’s creepy.  He seems well aware of my presence – crawling onto the spot where my fingers would surely find him amidst my all-night gaming session.

Now I know what you’re thinking –kill the bastard and be done with it- but I got this rule in my house against killing spiders.  You see, I can stand having insects in my house; and seeing as spiders kill other insects, we form a sort of alliance in a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” sort of way.  But this alliance becomes strained when spider start crawling all up on my keyboard.  Still, for the sake of preserving the peace, I let him go that night.

But the spider kept making his presence known as if he was mocking my grace and disregarding his good fortune.  The next night, I see him crawling up my bedroom wall in between posters of the Beetles and Bootsy Collins.  The night after that, he makes another appearance on my desk just below my monitor.  The night after that, he’s crawling up my speaker wire.

One of two possibilities: either this spider has a death wish or the bastard’s taken a liking to me.  Either way, it’s not gonna work.  Even if the little guy has a thing for me, I tell him like I’ve told many of my flings in the past –I ain’t into having a one-sided relationship.  It’s time for me to send this mofo to spider hell so he can kick it with Charlotte.

But it can never be that easy, can it?  My room is barren and I find myself with a distressfully lacking selection of weaponry with which to slay this arachnid.  With such a restricted arsenal, my choices come down to two: mash it with my hands, or take it out with my Chucks.  Ok, I’m not about to get spider guts all over my hands, so that’s out the window… But if you think that I’m gonna scuff up my Chucks just to save myself from a potential spider bite, then shit, you must be crazy.  By the time I find a tool suitable for the massacre, my friend had retreated once again into the shadows.  And now here I sit, awaiting the return of my tiny stalker…

And so spider-bro, our Mexican standoff continues.  Maybe one day the time will come for our final confrontation, but when and if it shall be is unknown.   Just be thankful that you live to roam in enemy territory another day, and be damn grateful that I wear Chucks –you owe your life to Mr. Taylor.

PF Flukes

Don’t get me wrong, I respect all shoes with decency. But PF Flyers, once a Converse Brand and now a New Balance brand, bother me. I mean, come on, some PF Flyers are complete rip offs of the original Chuck Taylors, yes revisions have been made but the idea exists.

Okay, now that I have got rid of some steam, I will direct you to the PF Flyers Wikipedia page. Interesting history for a shoe that is still in popular culture, and a respectful shoe at that. If there is one thing that bothers me about PF Flyers is the mentality behind the brand, people feel that their PF Flyers are more legit than Chucks, but perhaps I am mistaken.

I did run across a pretty dapper pair of Chucks the other day, check them out:

Basketball Sneaker conquers world

Why the hell is this shoe so popular I keep asking myself? Unending popularity from 1917!!! It was first shoe ever designed specifically for basketball, yet the shoe is renowned for its versatility (in style that is). While Chuck Taylor had electric charisma, and a natural sales ability, to sustain popularity 40 years after his death must attribute to something more than one man. Perhaps the already popularity of basketball in the American culture rubbed off onto youth in its accessibility among everyone. It is interesting to note of Nike’s popularity due to the sport. The top two shoes from one source? Yet it doesn’t settle right, even a sport doesn’t infect culture to its core as much as Converse shoes have. They must’ve hit some other niche of society that brought it to kissing its feet. The glory of the basketball sneaker. Is it the simplicity of design? Custom-ability? Comfort … that’s a joke. While I wear these suckers every mobile moment, I know pretty much every other shoe gives me more support and protection. So it must be visual appeal hmm? Why else do you wear something? Can a fundamental reason of this shoe’s popularity ever be found? Well I’ll die trying at least.

Cheer Up and Walk On

This week is usually a difficult one for those without a significant other. It’s often spent at the bottom of a bottle or in the dark confines of ones own room. That’s no way to live. So for all you single people out there; I hope you can make this week a good one by doing what makes you happy. Wear your chucks with pride this week and do whatever the F$#% you want because your life is what you make it, not what you are told to make it.
Here’s to the single folks…