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Classics by Default

The iPhone application Instagram ( allows users to share photos through a social network. The application has filters that manipulate photos and make them look extraordinary and out of this world. Chuckverse spotted this unique app after noticing the Chuck Taylor-esque sneakers used as a default photo for their filter examples.

While we charge our iPhone, check out the Instagram app and start sharing your Chuck Taylor pics! Be sure to stop by the Chuckverse Instagram profile.

“Get Chucked” all over again

Converse John Varvatos All Star Leather Hi Top

Price: $100-$145
Level of comfort: 3/5
Style Friendly: 4/5
Unisex? Yes

John Varvatos released a shoe line in collaboration with Converse and the Chuck Taylor model was redesigned among many other styles. Along with the newly released models, Converse promoted the “Get Chucked” campaign through a series of casual scenes contrasted and tied together with suggestive provocative scenes. is asking Chuck Taylor fans out there to take another look into the “Get Chucked” release for the 2010 Holiday Season.

Chuck Taylor Classics never die.

Converse John Varvatos All Star Leather Hi Top