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Buying Chuck Taylor Shoes on

Ever heard of is a shoe and apparel website that was recently acquired by Amazon. However, their business structure is still operating as a separate entity from Zappos is all about customer service and for each and every pair of shoes they sell online they have a video describing colors, look and feel, and sometimes a bit of culture about the shoe as well.

What’s different about Zappos is that you can order a pair of shoes, try them on, and send them back if you don’t like them – Zappos will cover all shipping costs. It’s a nice touch to the struggles of online shopping – especially for shoes.

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The Early Life

There are many references to the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star shoe being ‘punk’. The term has many definitions but for Theo’s character in The Cosby Show, we can say it is a negative thing. Messy room, poor grades, not having a care in the world- what do the Chuck’s say about Theo’s character? They say that he’s got style.

Converse Chuck Taylors at Victoria’s Secret

PINK from Victoria’s Secret brings on the casual from their Collegiate Collection. In with the spirit, Victoria’s Secret reinforces the “Rubber and  Blank Canvas” culture with the following statement:

Customize your pair with doodles—all it takes is a marker.

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Your School Rules with PINK from Victoria's Secret

Old Sneakers

why is it so difficult for me to
throw away
old sneakers?
they are clearly too
dirty and torn up
to cialis 5 mg be worn
they’re probably
out of date
out of style
out of room
eyes no longer
holding strings
to cover tongues
that keep souls company
remembering times one shoe was separated
mud-swallowed off
from a socked foot
when beer stains caused
flashbacks to
drunken shows
when morning soggy sneakers
were reminders of
rainy puddle nights
just because my sneakers and i:
trudged through mud,
went to concerts,
got in fights with puddles,
and walked me home from
sloppy nights
does that make them my old friends?
would i throw my old friends away?
not even if they smelled this bad
i’ll just keep them in this box for now