DJ B-Lord (aka. Middle finger man), the radio, club, and mixtape DJ of South Carolina has acquired an impressive collection of over 50 chuck taylors including several custom pairs. One of his favorites are some Jackass Chucks, and he shows his patriotism with red, white, and blue Obama Chucks. “I live in the clubs….I love to party….and ya damn right…….I love Chuck Taylors” says B-Lord.

Collecting  chucks has become his hobby since playing music became a full time job.  He discovered their charm in 2001 when he was in LA for a video shoot with NC rapper Petey Pablo.  B-Lord admitted “that LA culture kinda rubbed off on me..that’s when i first seen Chuck Taylors everywhere like that” everyone in SC was still rockin Jordons and A1’s back then.

“Chucks just kinda signify a laid back…cool type of lifestyle” says B-Lord.  He points out that the right girl can really pull of the chucked look, but “they ain’t for every girl………only the cool chicks”.

He wears his chucks clean, but they don’t necessarily stay that way, “If my Chucks could talk it would be plenty of crazy stories they would tell…….but they can’t”.  B-Lord’s secrets don’t stop with the stories, when asked about his custom chucks he left us hanging, “Let’s just say I got a great “connect” that helps to keep me fresh with the embroidery” he said.

DJ B-Lord would like to give a special shout out to all his SC folks! “I appreciate and love yall for all the support yall give me!  And thanks to for the interview!”

For the latest on DJ B-Lord check out Karolina South.

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