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Converse has released a new version of the Chuck Taylor sneaker. This season we have been blessed with the Down Jacket Converse Chuck Taylor style. Replacing the traditional canvas with the appearance of a down jacket, the retro style and very comfortable-looking shoes are now available on the Converse online store. These slick sneaks are entitled “Converse All Star Chuck ’70 Down Jacket” Check ‘em out!

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Converse All Star Chuck ’70 Down Jacket



Star Cleaner

There are two types of people in this world, that’s those who like their Chucks clean as laboratory, and those that like them filthy as a plumbers tool box. Some will argue that the worn look adds character to the sneaker making it more personal. This decision is definitely a style choice depending on who you are and what else your wearing. Us here at Star Cleaner like our Chucks as if they where fresh out the Converse box. Our obsession of flawless Chuck Taylor’s led to the creation of Star Cleaner. We have designed a product that keeps your sneakers look like new! Star Cleaner is a innovative shoe cleaner that is practical, economical and effective. It simply keeps the entire rubber sole, toe cap and more spot free! Apply Star Cleaner with any washcloth or small towel and watch scuffs, grease and grime disappear! Star Cleaner is for all sneakers, however it is a must have for Chucks! (That’s if you like ‘em clean)

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According to an NBC News article entitled “Converse Sues 31 Companies Over Alleged Chuck Taylor Knockoff Sneakers”, trademark infringements have been filed against manufactures of Chuck Taylor look-a-likes. Nike, the parent company of Converse, has pointed fingers at brands such as Walmart, Kmart, and Sketchers for creating variations of the popular sneaker.

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The New York Times writes about these variations in an in-depth article.

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We’ve spotted Chucks on VS models in the past, but we just wanted to highlight the Chuck Taylor shoes that you can grab on the Victoria’s Secret website. Pristine and screaming laid back style, a variety of Converse Chuck Taylor shoes are VS website and the PINK collection.

Victoria’s Secret Converse Chuck Taylor All Star offers news and updates for sneaker fashion. We focus on the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars and how the sneaker culture has altered American style in general.

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The ABA Journal celebrates innovation within the legal profession and gave each of this year’s Legal Rebel winners a pair of custom Chucks as a wearable symbol of nonconformity.


More lawyers should wear Chucks. The Chuckverse team spotted this article through user feedback. An interesting array of Chuck wearing Laywers. Whether it brings about the symbolism of nonconformity? Let’s get the Jury on that one! In any case, we think more lawyers should wear Chucks.


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